Hallfields Lane, Peterborough

Potholes at Hallfields Lane and Derwent Drive set to be repaired!

Glad to say it looks like the Council are about to get around to sorting out several of the potholes along Hallfields Lane and Derwent Drive, that have been in need of repair for some weeks now!

Earlier this year, the Council claimed that statistics show that just 1% of the city’s 51 miles of A roads were judged to be in need of maintenance compared to a nation average of 3% – Not sure everyone in the city would agree?

  • Potholes estimated to cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads. (Source)

Don’t forget that if you know of a road or street with a pothole that needs repairing, to either let me know or report it yourself direct to the Council by visiting here!


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Darren Fower

Elected as City Councillor for the Gunthorpe area, in 2004. Hold the record for 2nd youngest councillor in Peterborough's history. Governor at Gunthorpe Primary School.

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