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Give workers the tools to deal with waste, street cleaning and flytipping…

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Before 2010, aspects like waste, street cleaning, flytipping and grass cutting used to be done by the City Council.

Then in 2011, the Tories at the Town Hall, decided to sign a 23-year-contract with Enterprise – which was bought out by Amey in 2013.

Then last year, Conservative controlled Peterborough City Council announced they’d be terminating the waste contract with Amey in a bid to save £100,000 every year.

Most recently, and according to the Council’s own press release, they’re now planning to create a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC), which they say will be free to operate as a commercial company but remain wholly owned by the local authority.

I’m guessing that the Tories will be planning to sell the LATCs services to, perhaps local housing associations etc But, if they do, I think many local residents will be worried that they might see their own service levels diminish?

As always this issue will be one that opposition councillors, like myself will need to keep an eye on, and of course, if you have a thought or view, please do post it below.

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Darren Fower

Elected as City Councillor for the Gunthorpe area, in 2004. Hold the record for 2nd youngest councillor in Peterborough's history. Governor at Gunthorpe Primary School.

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