Westcombe Engineering

Once they wanted to shut Westcombe Engineering ….now they want its profits!

Westcombe Engineering


In 2007, it was reported in the local media, that the Conservative controlled City Council, here in Peterborough decided that Westcombe, had become a financial drain, and it announced plans to wind-down the facility.

This would have seen 21 disabled and four able-bodied workers lose their jobs.

Then this happened

Luckily a former independent City Councillor, and local fella, Michael Fletcher (along with a colleague) got involved and help secure Westcombe’s future.

More recently

This year, Westcombe Engineering was shortlisted for a “Manufacturer of the Year” industry award, as reported on the City Council’s own website.

Show me the money!

Now, as detailed in the Council’s proposed budget, the Council says they’ve noticed “increased income generation” from Westcombe Engineering, adding that there “is an opportunity for more income to be made by the business, which would in turn be passed to the council.

From the report, it seems the Tories at the Town Hall fancy about £50k a year from the facility?

Just think, if they’d have closed it down, then they wouldn’t be able to rely on it to cover their financial backsides now?

  • In 2013, the service was almost lost once again after it failed to pay half a million pounds in VAT. Read what one city councillor had to say about this at the time, by visiting here!
  • To find out more about Westcombe, please visit their website www.westcombeengineering.com

Westcombe Engineering

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Darren Fower

Elected as City Councillor for the Gunthorpe area, in 2004. Hold the record for 2nd youngest councillor in Peterborough's history. Governor at Gunthorpe Primary School.

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