373 children in care in Peterborough!

Council Scrutiny Committee

As detailed in the City Council‘s latest Budget Proposal Plans, the local authority are currently supporting 373 children in care, in 2011/12 this number was 340, an increase of 9.7%.

“The cost per week for a child in care ranges between £350 and £3,500, dependant on whether they are being cared for in-house by a foster carer or in a residential placement, the latter being significantly more expensive.” – PCC

The Conservatives are failing in their duty of care to children in poverty, whose numbers are increasing to Dickensian levels under Tory austerity.

With the IFS forecasting that child poverty will rise to 5 million by 2022, It’s surely time that the Tories bring forward a new strategy to tackle child poverty?

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Darren Fower

Elected as City Councillor for the Gunthorpe area, in 2004. Hold the record for 2nd youngest councillor in Peterborough's history. Governor at Gunthorpe Primary School.

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